Gloaming Diaries Book Update (v1.0.0-rc6)

The Gloaming Diaries Update: Quince Tries His Hardest

The game has received an update with some big combat balancing and some modest adjustments to setting flavor and a few path/tale abilities.

In extended playtesting, two big problems appeared for combat: 

1. Armor was proving to be excessively over-important in greatly increasing combat duration and minimizing thematic risk.
2. Knockback or Knockdown, when followed by Feint, resulted in an unavoidable hit.

To address this, Armor has been greatly reduced across the board:
- Medium armor no longer exists and heavy armor is 2 points, not 3.
- Several armor-boosting abilities were removed or nerfed.
- Heavy armor prohibits Feint and Permit
- Shield functionality removed.

Also, Knockback and Knockdown had their functions tweaked to avoid the Feint combo.

Thematically, the game removed the deathless nature of the Land of Faerie, which was limiting to the kind of backstories and losses players could feel when creating their characters. This was particularly limiting to the Tales of Sorrow. Now, the Land of Faerie is timeless and fae can live forever, but death can happen from accident or violence.

Also, several abilities received some modest tweaks either related to Armor, to tone down some hits, or for other balance reasons. Lastly, Tales of Malediction had "Don't Cross Me" buffed to increase chances they could actually apply the marked status to targets more often in game.

Here's the full change log:

### Changed

* Removed references to deathlessness in Twilight in the Woods and Creating Faerie.
* Tweaked minimal motif example text in Weaving Your Gloamspun and The Tales of Faerie.
* Renamed the Oneironaut Perk to Lucid Dreamer
* Heavy armor now has 2 armor rating.
* Heavy armor now cannot be used with feint and permit.
* Knockback status changed: "Foe cannot use Swords or Pentacles next round"
* Knockdown status changed: "Foe's maneuvers deal no hits next round"
* The Outlaw's Ambusher now does only +1 hit.
* Tale of Malediction's Don't Cross Me has changed from knowing when someone has broken their word to knowing when they're lying.
* Tale of Mystery's A Dead Silence Fell makes allies immune to fear and compulsion instead of giving +1 armor.
* Tale of Terror's To Creep Unimpeded reduced to two minion swarms, all hits transfer to you post-merge.
* Fire's Sunspot now works in well lit spaces only when still or moving slowly.
* Earth's Crystal Carapace now gives only 1 Armor.
* House Guyon loses armor skin and can now deal hits with Pentacles.

### Removed

* Medium armor category removed.
* Armor from shields removed.
* Archery now compatible with Light armor.
* Street Fighting's Hidden Shiv removed Cups doing Permit (as no longer applies.)


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