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The Gloaming Diaries is a tabletop roleplaying game of modern fairy tales in small towns by Kyle Weems. As a player, you take on the role of the gloamspun, half-human, half-fae beings created when a fairy fleeing eternal war encounters a human seeking change within the Wood. Needing one another, they weave their souls together, becoming one.  Among your fellow gloamspun what unfolds next is a new story. For you have two pasts, but only one future.

What Brought You To The Wood?

Play as one of 10 Paths, each of which describes the human you were and the path that led you to that fateful twilight meeting, and one of 10 Tales, each of which describes the fae you were and the story your magical life told. Were you an Elder entering the woods to die who instead found a new life with a Tale of Mischief? Were you a Lover who slipped into the woods for a tryst and found yourself drawn to join souls with a Tale of Sorrow?

Small Town Fairies

Use the supernatural blessings of your Tale and the elemental magic of the fae to solve your town's problems without alerting your neighbors. Design the two Retinues of your fairy ilk with your fellow players and decide upon the nature of your Beloved Monarchs who forever love and feud with one another. Keep your shroud tightly bound around your soul to hide your fae nature, yet learn to deceive your neighbors while never speaking lies.

What stories will you tell in your small town at the edge of the woods? For although everyone's a little strange in remote parts, few are as strange as you.

To play the Gloaming Diaries You will need either a twenty-sided die (d20) or a deck of Tarot cards. 

What's Included:

  • A brief overview of the setting of the Gloaming Diaries
  • Ten human Paths that led you to the woods, from conspiracy-minded Seekers to bully-escaping Persecuted.
  • Ten fae Tales that embody the different stories that fae lives tell, from horrifying Terrors to capricious Loves.
  • Create your game's two fae retinues and the principles that guide them.
  • Four elemental paths of fae magic, or create your own sorcery.
  • A quick combat system geared for ease of use in either tabletops or LARP, with several fighting styles for customization.
  • Printable character sheets.
  • And more!


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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A unique setting for tabletops and larps that offers a lot that other "Fae in modern day earth" systems don't. At the same time, things are flexible enough in their setup that it is easily adaptable for how you want to run it.  That you bring your own favorite mythological and folklore-based creatures and legends to it is definitely a strength of the system that you will rarely find elsewhere. I've gotten a lot of use out of it, as both someone who runs it and plays it.

One of my favorite games of all time, been playing since it came out and every new expansion adds depth to the content in a very unique way. For anyone who is a fan of mythology and folklore, regardless of region, I can't recommend TGD enough.  If you're a fan of the Fae you'll instantly fall in love.

I love this game's attention to a consistent theme. A lot of the worldbuilding is useful immediately with plenty of room to make up your own specifics and build off the basics. The abilities are also all flavorful and well fit to fairytales.

super fun game with a lot of versatility to it ,  You can make it your own or go with the base concept and get creative from there.

The lore, system and setting is fantastic! I think the concept of a human weaving their soul with a fae is interesting and unique relative to other urban fantasy RPGs. Moreover, the use of Tarot cards for skill checks instead of dice is incredibly novel and makes this RPG stand out even more!

Much fun, great lore, would play for another couple years.

Thematics creating mechanics is great and this RPG does that fantastic as well as a good modern fantasy to play with pals

For anyone like me who wishes they were secretly a dragon, this is a great game to live out that fantasy

Easily flexible enough to allow for just about any myth or folklore out there- gods, demons, urban legends, whatever. 'Tis quite snazzy.

Lightweight combat system and RP-focused gameplay makes this honestly my favorite tabletop system to run, as it's far less math focused so you can get right into the fun parts, like hanging out at your local bistro, or fighting entities from beyond the known universe! The only real limits are what you can imagine and what your storyteller will tolerate from you ;)

This game is such a fantastic concept and so well executed. I love the use of Tarot cards instead of dice, and how the suits play into combat is a neat touch. The flexibility of character creation is amazing, though a supplement with some example motifs might not go amiss, for those new to the system.


Hi. I just discovered your game. Any chances of publishing it via drivethrurpg?

Hi! I hadn't given serious consideration to using drivethrurpg. May I ask why you'd be interested in it being over there?


My current credit card isn't accepted here.

This is a fantastic game for small-town gothic fantasy. I love the Connections that tie you to other people, and the way the simple system is written keeps it out of the way of the roleplay, which is especially great in larger games like LARPs.

The Gloaming Diaries is a game that has a beautiful setting, and amazing flexibility for character development. The rules are clear and precise, but easy to read and learn. The character creation is also very easy, and mostly limited only to the imagination of the player. Overall, it leads to a really fun game that is easy to learn, even for someone who might be new to LARP. 

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The setting of this game is intricate and beautifully written. There are elaborate rules to create the Gloamspuns, your half-fae, half-human characters. I also like how tarot cards are used in the resolution mechanics. 

Thank you for your review :)