Gloaming Diaries Book Update (v1.0.0-rc5)

The Gloaming Diaries Update: Mustardseed Is Getting Anxious

The game has received another update. In addition to some small grammar or formatting adjustments, there's been some recalibrating made in response to feedback from game sessions:

The Hunter and Tale of Terror's starting abilities were strongly overlapped, and the pairing are reasonably common for character concepts, so Hunter's abilities were shuffled to start them with a different one to avoid this.

Some higher stacks in armor made it clear that some armor builds were too potent. A few armor-buffing abilities were changed to make armor stacks less common.

Connections are popular in play, but easily capped early in a character's lifecycle. The max for them is now Heart x 3. Also, starting characters now begin with a connection to their monarch to feed back into the importance of that being in their prior fae life.

A few more minor tweaks were made, the most notable of which is the conversion of the Fool into an unpredictable card: it's good if you're cursed at an action, and bad if you're blessed at it.

The PDFs and EPUB versions all reflect these changes.


P.S. Reminder: you can download updated files from your purchases page or via the download button at the top of The Gloaming Diaries game page.

Full changelog follows:

## [v1.0.0-rc.5] (Mustardseed Is Getting Anxious: Ashcan #5)

### Added

* Added rule for **Fool** card to count as auto-failure/auto-success if blessed/cursed.
* You now start with a Connection to your retinue's Monarch.

### Changed

* Maximum number of Connections is now (Heart x 3).
* Minor textual tweaks in noble section of Knights and Squires to help bring chapter back to correct size for page count.
* **The Hunter** ability **Leave No Trail** moved to first ability to avoid common overlap between The Hunter and Tale of Terror on their first abilities having near-identical effects.
* **Tale of Terror** ability **Chitinous Flesh** now counts as medium armor.
* **House Guyon** natural armor reduced to 1.
* **House Pyrochles** no longer adds +1 hit to Wands.

### Fixed

* Fixed typo of "effects" to proper "affects" for affinity relationship to costs.
* Removed "Swords" from "Swords hit" on **Gossamer Flesh** due to the fact that hits aren't typed.
* Fixed hideous grammar in **Tale of Fury** ability **Wolf Among Sheep**.
* Corrected formatting typo that caused **Broken Ribs** injury to not appear on new line.
* Slight format change to make "requires magic" injuries easier to parse as such.


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