Gloaming Diaries Book Update

The Gloaming Diaries Update: Rude Mechanicals' Rave

This update contains a few very modest word changes, replaces Water ability Sacred Well with Undersea Adaptation (due to the former lending itself too well to short-cutting mystery and exploration), and the addition of noble houses being able to make up to three custom abilities as an offset of the burden of an extra principle.

These are all modest quality of life adjustments.

Furthermore, an epub version of the game is now uploaded for more convenient/quicker rule access on portable devices.


(full changelog follows)

## [v1.0.0-rc.4] (Rude Mechanicals Rave: Ashcan #4)

### Added

* Added the concept of *graces*, unique abilities for each house that players and the talespinner work together to create for each house.

### Changed

* Clarified that the Elder's Old Soul only applies if gloamspun.
* Replaced Sacred Well with Undersea Adaptation.

### Fixed

* Removed "and darklings" text from Acolyte role due to fact that darklings _are_ fae.


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Jun 12, 2019
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Jun 12, 2019
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Jun 12, 2019

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