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Eventide is a supplement for The Gloaming Diaries, a tabletop RPG about modern fairytales in small towns at the edge of the Wood. This book explores the Offspring, the half-human children of the supernatural beings of the world, and the gifts and challenges that comes with their dual heritage. The Offspring don't easily fit in anywhere, too magical for humanity, too mundane for the supernatural, so they have to make a place for themselves in the world.

What's Included:

  • Rules for playing the "offspring", the half-human children of the supernatural.
  • Two new magical Lores: The cleansing Ash from the Domain of Death, and the perception-altering Reverie of the Domain of Slumber.
  • Two new fighting styles: the fast-paced feral Rend and Tear, and the curse-laden magical Hexer's Cant.
  • Four new Paths for characters seeking the quiet life: The Crafter, The Fisher, the Harvester, and the Herder.

Choose From One Of The Eight Offspring Birthrights:

  • Calibans: These half-fae have monstrous forms that make them too strange for humans to accept and too grotesque for the fae to tolerate. Inheriting great strength, they often found themselves bound in service to their fae parents.
  • Cambions: These half-fae look nearly human, graced only with strange eyes or other small features. Their souls are bursting with the magical strength of the fae, causing them to constantly be distracted by a world their human neighbors will never know.
  • Carpdreamt: Half-dream, the Carpdreamt experience waking dreams and nightmares that are invisible to others, and find themselves dragged into adventures in worlds inside sleeping minds.
  • Castoffs: Dumped into the cribs human children are stolen from, these offspring of the fae grow a human nature to survive their abandonment. They look completely human on the outside, until their resented fae heritage moves under their skin, distorting their flesh.
  • Caulborn: Born with the heritage of the dead inside their soul, the Caulborn see and hear the dead. They live in fear of a world that most humans will never see, unless they can learn to control it.
  • Changelings: Stolen from their cribs by the fae, the Changelings are raised in the land of Faerie, soaking up the culture and practices of the fae as the children of their abductors. When they finally escape back home, they find a world that moved on without them which they do not understand anymore.
  • Corpsekin: These half-undead are the offspring of humans and monstrous wights. Their flesh and souls are tainted by an urge for blood and dark gifts, which they must struggle against daily as they find themselves opposed to the very monsters that spawned them.
  • Cursed: Once human, these fools went into the Woods recklessly only to be cursed there, their flesh twisting to a half-beastial, unloveable form.

Notice: This is a supplement, not a complete game. You must have The Gloaming Diaries to make use of this product.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Kyle Weems and his dashingly handsome ghost writer have done it again in what is a 3 supplement pile up of back to back series bests!

😀 Awwww, thanks!