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Cicadas is a supplement for The Gloaming Diaries, a modern fairytale tabletop roleplaying game. This supplement explores the ephemerans, also known as the quicksilver folk. Born to  dreams, they are the shortlived cousins to the timeless fae. Serving the Ten Thousand Royals of Somnus they live brief but beautiful lives as they explore the world of dreams and brave the Vale of Nightmares, encountering the waking but never stepping into their land.

Born of Dreams

The ephemerans are dreamkin, born in the dreams of sleeping minds, self-awakening to the realization that their world is doomed to die, and that a greater world awaits beyond, if they are brave enough to reach it.

Fragile Souls

The souls of ephemerans are made of dream stuff, and as such fade quickly. Burdened by tarnish, they must live in the moment, embrace the now, and know that the future they strive to improve is one they may never see.

What's Inside

  • Setting information about the quicksilver folk, their birth in dreams, and Somnus, the Silver City in which they dwell.
  • Rules for creating the ephemereans, and their magical gifts.
  • Gossamer, a new path of fae magic for anyone to learn.
  • New perks for character creation, for ephemerans and others to enjoy.
  • Advice for running stories of the quicksilver folk
  • Random tables for generating your own member of the Ten Thousand Royals.

Notice: This is a supplement, not a complete game. You must have The Gloaming Diaries to make use of this product.


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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Cicadas is a great addition to the world of The Gloaming Diaries, with additional Lores and Perks for a very different kind of character to be included in your tabletops! Would recommend.

Ephemerans are quite cool and allow for even more flexibility in characters. However, I suspect that since they can only indirectly influence the world of humans (without, y'know, fading away) they probably won't see much use in any long-term games.

Any chance for a character sheet to fit this specific supplement? The Vespers Sheet adds the additional content to the basic sheet, and Murk has it's own, but Cicadas has a unique mechanic and no need for several fields on the basic sheet. Just kinda odd that this is the one that got left out on specific sheets.

Sorry for the slow reply!

Getting new character sheets up, including ones for ephemerans,  is on the to-do list! So, although it's been quite a delay, the answer is _yes_, there's a chance to get that done.

Rock on! I know you've got a lot of projects going on so I'm glad you're still putting in some work on this game. Appreciate the support!