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Welcome to the Red Strands of Fate, a game by Janae Cram about overcoming unbeatable odds in the name of love. This is a two-player cooperative storytelling game meant for couples or intimate friends, who play characters fighting to reach each other through war-torn lands that they are set to inherit.

The two of you take turns between playing your characters and narrating the challenges that your partner faces on their journey. You have one goal: to reach each other and elope, ending the ceaseless conflict between your homes and finding peace for your people.

To play the Red Strands of Fate, you need:

  • Ruled pieces of paper to track your character’s Keywords
  • Pencils
  • Two ten-sided dice (d10) each
  • Cut pieces of paper or other tokens to use for your Red Tokens
  • Creativity and an ability to accept failure - because it’s going to happen!

The only hope for you, your people, and your entire world is linking your hands in your partner’s after traveling through dangerous terrain and fighting against everyone else you love, who wish to see you fail. But you can succeed. You must. Destiny demands it.

Are you ready to make the journey?


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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