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Puppies Trying Their Hardest is a 1-page RPG about puppies, trying their hardest. The rules in their entirety are written below, but you can download the PDF to print it out so everyone can have a rule/character sheet.


You Are A Puppy

You have four traits:

  • Tuff: How tough you think you are
  • Fluff: How cute others think you are
  • Woof: How scary you think you can make your growls and barks
  • Toof: How good you are at chewing on and pawing things

Assign one of the following numbers each to a trait: +2, +1, 0, and -1

Make a drawing of your puppy goodness. Select your "proper" name. And, of course, the absurd 'name' that everyone end up always calling you instead.

Do Stuff

Whenever you try to accomplish something, describe how you're trying to make it happen by being cute and awesome, then roll a six-sided die and add one of your traits.

If you get a 4 or higher, you describe how you manage to pull off what you're doing while looking hecka adorbs.

If you don't, the GM describes how you fail in a cute fashion that might make things work out in the end. You're going to mess up a lot, so embrace the cute failure.

Play Time

Get together with your pup crew. Probably like 4 - 6 of you total.

Have an adventure. The GM will describe the obstacles in your way, you'll describe how cute you are and what you do to make it happen. There's going to be lots of "Dawwws!" and "So cute!".

No matter what, at the end you win and need a nap.

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AuthorTimor Jack Press
GenreRole Playing
Tags1-page-rpg, Cute, puppies, Tabletop, Tabletop role-playing game


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A cute little tabletop that will definitely entertain a table full of people with a fun tale about puppies without requiring the commitment of a huge campaign!